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MediaFormat ( @mediaformat )

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Development on .


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alexii ( @alexii )

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Programmer interested in integrating ActivityPub into more projects.


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BirdsiteLIVE ( @BirdsiteLIVE )

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Easy to use, private and ethical to bridge.


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Xodus ( @xodus )

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Social media hater, activitypub idiot and wanna be software engineer


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Chris Messina 🏷 ( @chrismessina )

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Inventor of the hashtag
Co-creator of ActivityStrea.ms (the predecessor to ActivityPub)
#1 Product Hunter


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marius ( @mariusor )

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Mostly a programmer.

Involved with in the language.

Working on:

- a link aggregator inspired by (old) reddit, hacker news and lobste.rs.

- a generic ActivityPub service, one of the few supporting client to server API.

- a library to use ActivityPub in Go.

My posts are mostly related to my work.


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Johannes Ernst ( @J12t )

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Personal data technologist and entrepreneur. Let’s build what comes after surveillance capitalism, and ActivityPub (and Mastodon) are showing the way.


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Neurodivergent Palace ( @kanmastodonsvenska )

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I speak Swedish and English. I'm from Twitch originally(as a user) and exploring many services supporting the ActivityPub protocol.


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rolandog ( @rolandog )

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A chemical engineer passionate about , , , and


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Chanel Robin ( @leibnibs )

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UdeM maitrise | j'étudie le Fediverse et ActivityPub au Lab-Delta et m'intéresse aux alternatives libres/open source aux GAFAM :)


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Lucas ✦ ( @lucas )

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Plant Mom. Working on Futureland.tv every day. Currently interested in CRDTs, federated systems like ActivityPub, Matrix, E2EE and tools that truly serve their users.


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AndStatus@Mastodon ( @AndStatus )

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Open Source multiple accounts Android client for multiple Social networks, including
Mastodon, Twitter, ActivityPub (Client to Server), GNU social, Pump.io.

From Russia with love :-)


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bengo ( @bengo )

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i like to play, travel, and help people talk with computers. works on activitypub 🌎 robust openness, sustainability, generosity, harmony, tranquility, resilience, freedom, dweb, web8, law, peace. {B,T}LM.


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FediPress ( @fedipress )

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All About Connecting To Via Tutorials And Discussions fedipress.com


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( @odesa )

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Dev of - activitypub lightweight server (Python ) + js client (Svelte) github.com/autogestion/pubgate

ActivityPub <-> Telegram brigde


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Sebastian Lasse ( @sl007 )

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Open Protocols Advocate, normal one,
photojournalist, filmmaker and developer. Currently building a decentralized ActivityPub FLOSS CMS.

Meine Hobbies sind Fotografieren, Tennis und Antifa.
Manchmal mache ich Aufschläge von unten.


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Leon Bacud 🌉 ( @leon )

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Formerly @LeonBacud on the bird site. This is my main profile on the ActivityPub part of the Fediverse.

Views expressed are mine and don't represent those of anyone else.


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:activitypub: Aya ¬:verified: ( @ayaneechan )

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Sono una ragazza MtF con diagnosi di asperger, ace e con volontá di fare amicizia.

:lgbt: | :archlinux: | :lineage:


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redaktor ActivityPub CMS ( @redaktor )

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The multimedia CMS for the Fediverse –
redaktor is a web content management system to setup your social connected website in minutes.
Hosted or on your own server.

redaktor helps you with telling your stories.


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novi's moved, check bio ( @novichan )

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Hello! I’ve moved to diaspora, you can find me over at novimatrem@iviv.hu now, aka iviv.hu/people/ad5501b0ab2f013

I explain why in this blog post, but the title gives most of it away, I'm moving away from Mastodon (+ActivityPub) due to its soon 'post editing' functionality being a large avenue for abuse novimatrem.gitlab.io/blog/2022


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novi's moved, check bio ( @novi )

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Hello! I’ve moved to diaspora, you can find me over at novimatrem@iviv.hu now, aka iviv.hu/people/ad5501b0ab2f013

I explain why in this blog post, but the title gives most of it away, I'm moving away from Mastodon (+ActivityPub) due to its soon 'post editing' functionality being a large avenue for abuse novimatrem.gitlab.io/blog/2022


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HeyDingus.net ( @HeyDingus )

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HeyDingus is a blog written by @jarrod about technology, the great outdoors, and other musings. Replies with comments on posts are welcomed!


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Pony.Tube ( @PonyTube )

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We're a PeerTube-based pony video sharing site using ActivityPub federation.

Follow our instance on Mastodon at @peertube


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Ryan Atkinson ( @ryanatkn )

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my professional account, he/him collaborative systems design & implementation, end-user programming


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John Payne ( @john )

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Welsh expat. Boston/Providence area. Passionate about Zerotrust networking. Enterprise Infrastructure Architect with a focus on networks and security.

Follow @procella for company news


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Daniel Supernault ( @dansup )

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aspiring astronaut, community creator and determined dreamer.

Building @pixelfed, an ethical and federated photo sharing platform.


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Liaizon Wakest (old account) ( @wakest )

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I moved to @liaizon

If you can summarize yourself in a sentence you're doing it wrong.


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Elliot Shank ( @clonezone )

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Music-obsessed software geek. See also @clonezone / microblog.galumph.com


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shep ( @shep )

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i'm from st. louis. You can follow my blog's feed on mastodon by following @shep

I like music, Cardinals baseball, and Saved by the Bell.


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Hosker 🇬🇧 ( @hosker )

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Business and by ☀️.
Tech, and by 🌛.

👀 Following:
, , , /#Docker,


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Matthias Pfefferle ( @pfefferle )

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web worker, blogger, podcaster, advocate, citizen of the , working on , , for . Follow me @pfefferle


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🎮💻🚲🛻🍄🥓🎃💀🌈🏴🇺🇸 ( @schizanon )

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(ey, em) web3 web developer react javascript html webcomponents pwa unreal webapps crypto blockchain bitcoin ipfs filecoin progressivewebapps css js customelements webapps webdevelopment chromeos react reactjs graphql ebikes portland oregon pdx crypto cryptocurrency bitcoin btc icp internetcomputer helium hnt ModernWebDev Cypress Playwright shadowDom WebDev Lit k6 enhance fwa serverless aws cannabis mushrooms coffee socialism vr indieweb serviceWorkers frontend fullstack devops activitypub


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Zac West ( @zacwest )

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Staff Mobile Engineer at Dropbox, maintainer of Home Assistant for Apple platforms

I'm also @zacwest but I will be "move"-ing here once I can. Both locations will receive non replies in the meantime.


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Sebastian "spaetz" Spaeth ( @spaetz )

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Sebastian Spaeth. This is my private account and my private opinions. I have a separate ActivityPub account for work (see link section). I toot about my hobby as a Firefighter at @Volksdorf. I also mix in my opinions on free software and Linux on mobiles in here.


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Pachy Bot for Discord ( @pachy )

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Follow Mastodon and other ActivityPub users on Discord!

Coming soon from At the Tavern (tavern.at), makers of ChronicleBot (chroniclebot.com)


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​ ( @a )

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(+ (My username) (Ordinal n) (! off) (Element 39) (Wide area network) (Prefix for billion))

Boosts interesting things and sometimes transcribes special patterns generated by my biological neural networks into UTF-8 encoded strings.

Currently oscillating between hacking ActivityPub federation into Forgejo/Gitea, pondering about the ForgeFed spec, wasting time, and sleeping (with 1/3 probability!).

Will happily answer any questions about forge federation.


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pixelfed ( @pixelfed )

3123 Posts | 7 Following

A fresh take on photo sharing, powered by ActivityPub federation.

Smile 😁

Matrix: matrix.to/#/#pixelfed:matrix.o
Discord: discord.gg/MHvDHaSzmc


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Nick Vella 🏳️‍🌈 ( @nick )

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Hobbyist and professional software engineer, CS student from , Australia, originally . Studying a Bachelor's of at Monash University. , , and a bunch of other things.

And absolutely fascinated with , the and .


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Las Frases :borat: ( @frases )

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Sin esfuerzo y sin motivo. Una base de datos de frases, ¡ahora en tu feed de ActivityPub!

Seguí esta cuenta para frases espontaneas y colaborá sugeriendo tus frases por medio de la web.


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Admin ( @witchescauldron )

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Please ask questions here


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Nordnick :verified: ( @nick )

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Hamburger Jung', irgendetwas mit (möglicherweise recht viel), interessiert an -, und Anschluß eigener Webprojekte ans ...
... betütelt, hegt und pflegt und schraubt an folgenden mastodonischen "Bots": @mastodonien @celeo @fragefix @edv_nachrichten sowie @rahlstedt ("Halbbot")


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Jason Pettus Writing ( @jasonpettus )

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Specific ActivityPub account for doing creative writing, which will hopefully act like a short flash prose companion to my longer journal at writing.exchange's sister blogging platform, Write.as. Indie-lit veteran and former owner of a small press, now a Chicago freelance editor for self-publishing and small-press authors. Main account (including not only this, but photos, snotty opinions, dank memes, etc.): @jasonpettus


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Guilherme Rios ( @gasrios )

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Me in 500 letters:

- I am a father, husband and computer engineer, in this order, but I avoid sharing personal data online

- Personal interests: photography, writing and science in general. Lately, ActivityPub (the protocol under Mastodon) and Rust (the programming language), as I wonder about efficient Fediverse scaling

- Here to connect to all kinds of people and explore decentralized social networking

If you read this, I hope we will at least exchange some messages; feel free to write =^)


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vagabond ( @Hamishcampbell )

5492 Posts | 658 Following

Looking at the fluffy side of activism


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FunkCast Musicwhale Funkwhale ( @funkcastmusicwhale )

478 Posts | 105 Following

Account dell'istanza musicale e podcast funkwhale.it :funkwhale:

Funkwhale è un progetto indipendente guidato dalla comunità di appassionati italiani di , che ti permette di ascoltare e condividere musica e podcast in una rete decentralizzata e libera:

:fediverso: funkwhale.it :activitypub:


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Samuel Roland ( @samuelroland )

372 Posts | 302 Following

A curious and hardworking student developer with a passion for FOSS, side projects, designing and building applications, and sharing experiences.

Languages: , , , , , , , , ,

Interests: , , software conception and design, project management and efficient collaboration, decentralization, federation, privacy, free licences, online communities, free software building+maintenance, podcasts, and blogs.



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Quinn Madson ( @bucksgt )

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Senior Software Engineer at verses.io
Worker/Owner at Immers.Space tech co-op & contributor to ActivityPub/Metaverse Server: github.com/immers-space/immers

Husband, Father, Iraq Vet, Former USAF/WI Air National Guard Fire Fighter, Milwaukeean


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Will 🌹🏴 ( @datatitian )

5106 Posts | 1659 Following

Most of the time I'm a Syndic of Immers Space, a worker-owned DisCO making an ActivityPub server for virtual worlds. Work profile: @SyndicWill

Other times I'm honing my dad jokes for my 15 month old.

Sometimes I'm a dietitian who loves cooking.

All of the time I'm a cooperator

We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable – but then, so did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings.

He/him. TERFs and Nazis: DNI/DNR


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Avatar for ⓒⓞⓓⓚⓔⓛⓟⓜⓔ
ⓒⓞⓓⓚⓔⓛⓟⓜⓔ ( @codkelpme )

238 Posts | 76 Following

Leisure Technician & Cultural Gill-netter // Deleting Social Media Accounts Since 2007 // Boosts & Toots Disappear In Fits Of Deletion From Time To Time

Interested in:


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Captain 🏴‍☠️ ( @Captain )

47 Posts | 38 Following

Admin of social.stlouist.com.


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Avatar for DJM 🇧🇯 🚀 🐯
DJM 🇧🇯 🚀 🐯 ( @cybeardjm )

1181 Posts | 100 Following

Living near Cotonou since 2016.
Joined Mastodon in 2019, then Jan. 2021 on mstdn.social, on my 3rd instance now.

HEC, ESSEC, Microsoft alum
Change and Transformation
Looking for job/freelancing remotely from West .

Follow my blogs via :
-n Music Forum
@ cybeardjm @ amf.didiermary.fr
Main blog (FR/EN)
@ cybeardjm @ www.didiermary.fr

Patreon: see below!



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Avatar for Cody ☃️ :fedora_logo:
Cody ☃️ :fedora_logo: ( @cody )

150 Posts | 41 Following

Hey there! I am Cody or "Subnet-Masked", a computer and networking hobbyist working as a network and systems administrator. I also dabble in electronics and various other things, random content inbound!

Coffee is my life blood, I swear I sweat the stuff...

💙 He/Him/His - Gay, Pan-Romantic, Open Poly

☕🍕👨‍💻🏴‍☠️ Lost in cyberspace, planning to stay.

💙 @Mattie @Zylex @foxposting 💙

Lova ya, Fedi!
🚫 Crypto ⛔️
Mastodon != ActivityPub.


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Uncensored Climate News ⧖ ( @UncensoredNews )

904 Posts | 116 Following

Every day I toot 4 recommended climate change videos and some climate articles from a searchable database of 3149+ items. The problem is that there is massive censorship by the MSM and their algorithms. There is also a lot of propaganda, and junk, so content curation is most needed. I also post some news about Mastodon and ActivityPub.
Feedback is most appreciated.


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( @sitoctt )

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Bot che collega il al Fediverso ActivityPub e fornisce il servizio di commenti, tutto grazie a !

Segui questo account per non perderti alcun articolo del mio : il .
Da ora, anche notifiche del !

Nota: se commenti un post aspettandoti una risposta, assicurati di taggare il mio profilo principale (@octo, @ octo @ mastodon.uno), altrimenti potrei non vedere i messaggi.


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( @fisunov )

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Hi. I'm learning Japanese and Korean. I learn languages: My favorite I enjoy and keen learning the most currently is being Icelandic and Finnish. I actually watch a lot of movies and anime. I don't read much but I do love reading books. My other interests and things I want to post here about are movies, books, music, space, people going to Mars. I want to learn more about how things work like how Internet works, how cryptocurrencies work, how activitypub works. I'm interested in gemini protocol. I like minimalism in software and website building.

Romaji StarDict Dictionary
Romaji Parallel Texts

Learning Japanese and Korean by reading romaji

My favorite anime list:


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Philippe Pillavoine ✓ ( @pillavoine )

271 Posts | 300 Following

Comédien, Artiste Mime, Auteur, Metteur en scène, Professeur de Théâtre et de Mime.

Vous pouvez également me retrouver sur : gemini://gmi.si3t.ch/pillavoin

Sur Inventaire.io : inventaire.io/inventory/Pillav ou


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Rajeev Kumar ( @drupler )

191 Posts | 305 Following

Instance Admin for Bihar.Social

✦ I'm an developer and work with , , , , , mostly.
✦ Lives with wife and two in
✦ Originally from: , ,
✦ Roles: Tech Lead, Solution Architect, Technical Director!

I'm a addict and & play once in a while.

Other interests: , , , , , , , , ,


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Bas Heetebrij ( @bas )

13 Posts | 25 Following

Love playing with tech and thinking about how it impacts our lives.

Also really into: , , , , watching , and , and doing .

He/him. Father of two wonderful children.

You can find me also on evolve.micro.blog/ and even [follow my blog directly via Mastodon](@Bas_H)


I work at Kantar, a market research company, where I help companies innovate and manage their brand.


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Avatar for Hilary Baumann 🌎
Hilary Baumann 🌎 ( @hilarybaumann )

48 Posts | 137 Following

🥃 💻 & 😎

• Hand coded my first website in 1996


Alt accts:


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Avatar for Freedom = Respect ❤️ Unity
Freedom = Respect ❤️ Unity ( @freeschool )

3823 Posts | 352 Following

A school of thought you can interact / ask and make best together as free/low cost as possible.

I mostly create / edit community education audio podcast / music / videos / transcript text etc for good people or other podcasts.

[OFFLINE UNTIL 2023] freeschool.0id.org/?s=audio

Am offline more than on but still get msgs and still reply here- might take longer than I mention below

I do your audio / film work too for free if it's for the good. I can do it offline which is good.

Our place in the world is helped by others.
We enable it for others and some forge ahead anyway.

If you're interested in life this helps! get in touch if you are as I like everything or to talk about it helps the world indirectly and directly!

he/him - A personal list of my interests:

(Made one / can help you build one / send PDF)
playing (have a real board and microphone? Let's play!)
(Self-improvement and awareness)
(Onion skins of realisation / discovery)
food (Greenhouse and outside)
/ / / /
Living / Natural Life
Engineering (like fixing computers but with willing people instead)
/ Making Lists (Point Extraction, Analysis & ReUse)
/ / (can offer advice)
people / (Learning Lessons)
/ Care / Consideration (towards unity in human family and the 'how?')
(Harmonising and balance)
(fascinating developments / potentials)
/ (want to answer my questions?!)
editing / moderating (group meetings / personal conversations)

All genuine interest. I'm also responsive, so whatever you're thinking I don't mind.


Freedom and Justice is gained by Learning Together... (actually learning to respect each other too)
Less money 🏦 :cc_nc: :💱 📈 📉 🤑 💳
AND MORE :red_heart: ✅ 🧠 🤔 🗯️ ❓

In short: Participation!... No other way around Justice and Freedom if you don't participate and this is what this profile is for.

No need star my toots, send a reply!
Boosting the toots is a real way in which stuff travels through Mastodon and can be tried (hoping for more participation and practice here). and

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Follow me & Get ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Info-graphics / Memes / Pictures
→ qoto.org/@freeschool/media
Audio Topics & Conversations
→ freeschool.0id.org/?s=audio
My Wisdom / Business Culture Analysis
→ Post here and some re-writes at the website above

+ Fast Replies (some people don't even reply!) <30mins!
+ Less emotional in replying (a real benefit / less side-effects)
+ Directly said (things usually people don't say / can't say / over-polite)
+ More Detail available (pick the best from it or audio chat with me)
+ DIY help (example → Self-made house below)
freeschool.0id.org/house and DIY power!

More info → click 'Media' or 'Toots' or Direct Message


Words of wisdom (MY WORDS):

Everything is easier when you test it
Everything is easier when you know *how* to test it
Everything is clearer when you give it more time and respect.
Everything is easier when you know what it's for and what it means to others (both how to test / ask and how to respect)...

Everything is easier when you know how... yes so participation with me or others allows you to know things, then it's easier and clearer to make your decision(s).

Humans effect everything much more globally (now that money etc funnels things more than ever) and often it's a copy of people getting coralled into the same bad ways (the Gov template of catching it's fishes) - we need to know the bad / good and apply the right stuff daily so we don't get eaten alive.

I personally help whoever with almost anything mutual, it's your 'job' to enjoy what you like AND explore other things - I just ask and say what I like also.

I also edit other people's audio and video as basic cut and re-arrange them into different order for best bits or the wanted parts / highlights + name or transcribe them (audio to text).


I might ask why you want to follow me so be ready to say (0 engagement I don't understand the point of)

I'm here to make change, yours, mine, others.
What are you here for / Find out here / explore yourself...


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